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To determine if your nationality requires visa to enter Cyprus, please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or with the Diplomatic and Consular Missions of Cyprus in your country.  A complete list of Diplomatic and Consular Missions of Cyprus may be found here:

For the citizens of the Republic of Turkey traveling to Turkish Republic Northern Cyprus:
A valid passport or identity card is required.

For the citizens of the European Union:
A valid EU passport or national identity card is required.

For the third country nationals:
A valid passport is required.

Travel to Cyprus

For the citizens of the European Union, United States and third country nationals may enter the country from Larnaca Airport (Southern Side of Cyprus) or Ercan Airport (Northern Side of Cyprus).  Please check with your institution and Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding any regulations about traveling to Cyprus.

If you travel to Larnaca airport, you should not inform immigration authorities that you will be traveling to Northern Cyprus.   When you arrive at the border of Northern Cyprus, you will receive a special white paper from the immigration authorities of Northern Cyprus.  This paper must be stamped instead of your passport. You must not lose this document until you leave the country. Transfer from Larnaca Airport will take approximately 1.5 hours to Acapulco Convention Center.  Please contact Serenas, the congress organizing secretariat, if you would like us to arrange your transfer to the venue.

If you prefer Ercan Airport (Northern Side of Cyprus) as the state is not recognised by any international organisation, Ercan Airport is not recognised by the IATA. This means all flights (including charters) must touch down in Istanbul, Turkey before continuing to Ercan.

Those Turkish participants who traveled with green passports and those who are currently employed in public enterprises will need to visit the “Visa Infringement Office”. In this office you will go through criminal record check. You will need to present your ticket, passport and the official permission note taken from your institution. This permission note must state that “there is no obstacle for you to visit abroad” and have signature on it. The public employees will not be able to pass the visa control unless they have these documents ready in their hands before their flight.

Those who travel with green passports and have been retired from public enterprises will also need to visit the “Visa Infringement Office” in the airport. After the criminal record check you may proceed with your flight.

Official Invitation Letters (IF Required)

The TFAC 2018 Organising Committee supports delegates in obtaining their Official Invitation Letter as described in the details below:
After completing your registration for the TFAC 2018 Meeting and having received a confirmation  email, you may contact the Organising Secretariat requesting an Official Invitation Letter.
For further questions regarding the Official Invitation Letter, please contact with the TFAC 2018 Organising Secretariat at